2016:   Not awarded

2015:   Maria McCabe

2014:   Not awarded

2013:   Not awarded

2012:   Brian Morrissey

2011:   Robbin Miller

2010:   Heather Emmitt

2009:   Carolyn Bollinger       

            & Julie Mihalek

2008:   Not awarded

2007:   Molly E. Pierce

2006:   Denise Balog

2005:   Rebecca Gerbich


2004:   Not awarded

2003:   Wendy Harding

2002:   Kim Wagner

2001:   Connie Cochran

2000:   Sarah Raschke

1999:   Beth Luidhardt

1998:   Lisa Reinker

1997:   Jennifer Steves

1996:   Not awarded

1995:   Deborah Partin

1994:   Rose Duncan

Scholarship Application Information

Applications are currently being accepted for University of Toledo Paralegal Studies students. For an application package, send an email to or speak with a professor.

A successful student will be awarded a $500.00 scholarship to apply to their fall semester.

Did you know that a student membership to PANO is only $10.00? Download a membership application for more information.

The History and the Future

The Paralegal Association of Northwest Ohio (PANO), formerly known as the Toledo Association of Legal Assistants (TALA), was organized in 1977 as a professional organization for paralegals.  In 1988 TALA was incorporated under Ohio law and became affiliated with the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).  TALA underwent a name change in 2004 in agreement and support of the national movement in our profession to refer to ourselves as paralegals.

    PANO’s Articles of Incorporation state that the purpose for the corporation is exclusively educational in nature.  In accordance with our stated purpose, PANO currently offers an annual scholarship to Paralegal Studies students enrolled at The University of Toledo.  The scholarship program is funded by PANO and administered by The University of Toledo Foundation.  As of January 2016, PANO has awarded 18 scholarships to UT Paralegal Studies students.

    The partnership PANO forged with The University of Toledo was a result of a mutual commitment to educational excellence for students enrolled in The University of Toledo Paralegal Studies Program (the “Program”).  In keeping with the goal of high educational standards, the Program is approved by the American Bar Association.  In the January 2005 issue of Legal Assistant Today (now called Paralegal Today), the leading publication for paralegals and paralegal programs in the United States, the Program was recognized as one of six “Unique Paralegal Programs” that go beyond basic paralegal education.  This national recognition reflects and confirms the high standards of the Program which prepares students to work in a legal environment under the direct supervision of an attorney.  In addition to offering a two-year associate degree and a four-year Bachelor of Science degree, the Program offers a post-baccalaureate certificate and a nurse paralegal certificate.

“During the application process I had to reflect on my strengths as well as look at my academic achievements. 

The scholarship was invaluable...It gave me the confidence and courage to...finish with the program."
  - Deborah Partin ,1995 Scholarship Recipient

To further our educational goal and our commitment to the Program, on July 30, 2005, PANO entered into an Endowment Agreement with The University of Toledo Foundation.  PANO’s Scholarship Committee developed a protocol for funding an endowed scholarship at UT and fundraising began in late 2005.

The primary benefits of the PANO Endowed Fund include: 

  • Contributions are tax-deductible for individual donors 

  • Contributions are pooled with other University of Toledo endowed funds for greater earning potential

Maintaining the highest quality education for paralegals is important not only to the students enrolled in the Program, but to the lawyers, law firms, corporations, and government entities employing the students after graduation.  That is why we are asking for your support in funding the PANO Endowed Fund.  A contribution from you affirms your commitment to the quality education of paralegals in Northwest Ohio.  A contribution from you also ensures that deserving Paralegal Studies students at The University of Toledo will receive an annual scholarship.

“Knowing that the TALA Scholarship was available was... an added incentive for me to work towards the highest academic excellence possible.                                                           
It acquainted me with other local paralegals and the organization that  encourages professionalism in the paralegal field...”
- Sarah Raschke, 2000 scholarship recipient

Please support the commitment PANO has made toward educational excellence for the paralegal profession by making your tax-deductible donation today.