Any individual who is a student who:

  • is pursuing a course of study as a paralegal at an institutionally accredited university, college, or junior college; and
  • who does not otherwise qualify as a member under any other membership category​


​​​​​​​Membership Types

Any individual who is not an employer, attorney, or educator who: ​

  • ​completed a minimum of 16 semester or 24 quarter credit hour core related legal assisting courses in an ABA approved program of study that does not otherwise qualify them for Student Membership; or
  • would be qualified for Active Membership under Section 3, but is not currently employed;
  • has a minimum of three years of law-related-experience under attorney supervision, including at least one year of in-house training as a paralegal, whose attorney-employer attests that such person is qualified as a paralegal;
  • is a renewing member and would be qualified for Active Membership but, has not met the mandatory CLE requirements; or
  • ​​was an Associate Member of record as of June 30, 1990  

Individuals, law firms, corporations, and paralegal program representatives who: 

  • endorse the paralegal concept; or
  • are actively involved in the promotion of the paralegal profession   

Any individual who is employed full-time as a paralegal and who meets at least one of the following requirements:

  • ​successfully passed NALA's Certified Legal Assistant exam;
  • ​successfully passed the OSBA's Certified Paralegal exam;
  • has a paralegal degree or certificate from an ABA approved program
  • has a paralegal degree or certificate from a non-ABA approved program which required a minimum of 60 semester or 90 quarter credit hours;
  • has received a baccalaureate degree in any field and has a minimum of one year in-house training as a paralegal and whose attorney-employer attests the individual is qualified as a paralegal;
  • ​was an active member of TALA or PANO prior to June 30, 1993

Renewing members must also have 4.0 CLE (3 of which were substantive) in the preceding membership year.